This website is an experiment in progress to build and document the most appropriate and efficient open-source tools to search for new contents of interest on various BitTorrent DHT (Distributed Hash Table) networks. These tools can function as a pseudo general purpose BitTorrent search engine that neither relies on user uploading torrents nor scanning any other torrent index sites (1377x, The Pirate Bay, rarbg, idope.se, etc) and traditional search engine sites (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc).

Visitors may search the BitTorrent DHT (Distributed Hash Table) network in real time or from the updated 2-million-plus torrent database already collected from the DHT over a period of most recent 30 days.

The BitTorrent DHT (Distributed Hash Table) network contains millions of active users known as peers sharing millions of data files to transfer from one computer to another. Data files are mostly digital contents of motion pictures, TV broadcasts, recorded music, applications software, games, published books, both public domain and copyrighted, mostly copyrighted. Depending upon your locale, participating or assisting the copying of copyrighted contents is illegal and can result in fines and criminal charges.

Most BitTorrent clients (BitComet, rTorrent, Transmission, Vuze, etc) concentrate on searching for peers to connect in order to transfer the desired pieces of digital contents in the shortest time possible. Most users do not realize how vast the DHT network is. It is not unusual to find hundreds of millions of users connected at a specific time of day from almost all countries on our planet.

To avoid any potential copyright infringement issue, you will not find any digital contents hosted on this web site. To avoid the issue of complicit assistance to copyright infringement, you will not find any direct or indirect means to locate the digital contents either by providing or referencing a 16-byte or 20-byte hash, magnet link, or any torrent file.

Tools on this web site utilizes Python scripts in the form of plugin to interact with the BitTorrent client Vuze and a relational database. These specialized tools only collect the title of contents potentially be transferred by peers currently active on the DHT network to demonstrate that it is possible to build a private torrent index site within 30 days from a single computer. Any title discovered on the DHT network does not necessarily mean that the digital contents are available to download even though the title reports a high seed count.

1. There are about 2 million active torrents at a time from over 200 countries. The top 50 countries (having most active users) are listed at this post.

2. The current approximate number of active users from the mainline DHT and the Azureus DHT network closest to this web site is listed on the following page. To conserve processor and transfer bandwidth, the report is updated every hour.

3. The search capability provided on this web site demonstrates that a specific peer can be monitored for transfer activities over a specified period of time (sorted by date, by contents, and by completed downloads). For 100 popular search terms (file extension, format type, studio name, topic, genre, actors and actresses), there are at least 100 primary users per term organized by countries which can quickly collect results from 10,000 resulting peers. Each peer can have up to 30 titles per term shown on a single web page, one page per peer). After duplication is removed, the search result can approach 100k torrents.

4. Search by terms for new peers (number of closest peers found depending upon the term can get up to 2k-3k peers per term. Each peer may suggest up to 50 additional peers participating in the transfer of the same digital contents (usually from the same region or country).

5. Search by specific peers for related contents and related peers in addition to the specified term.

6. Search from existing 30-day database. The database is automatically updated:
-from terms to discover new contents and new peers
-from existing peers for new contents

7. Monitor a specific torrent to collect information on transfer activities among peers and regions of interest.

8. Daily report of suggested contents based upon specific search criteria.