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1. Introduction
This page is a brief excerpt from page 7 of ebook.

...The more you are familiar with these DVD specifications, the fewer problems you are going to have pulling off your authoring projects. And a lot more design possibilities automatically appear under your fingertips. Your DVD projects will reflect your own personality, your design and imagination, and have a high-end touch second to none.

I would like to use the term "unofficial" also in the sense that the topics presented here are not in any particular order or structure. The topics and concepts here will work for any DVD regardless of your chosen authoring software.

To understand the terminology of the DVD specifications, it is important that we speak the same language regarding the basic terms and concepts used in the process of DVD authoring. In many cases when the topics are getting too complex to explain with words, I will use diagrams and actual DVD project if appropriate to send the message across. In a nutshell, to be a competent DVD author, you must understand or at least be aware of the following basic DVD elements and hierarchy.

  is now available in Adobe Acrobat PDF ebook format. If you do not have a permanent Internet connection, this ebook can save you a lot of connection time by reading it off-line and it contains more information than presented on the web pages. Each DVD instruction is organized as a bookmark so you can get to the desired page of any of the 36 DVD commands with just a click. A DVD command generator is provided so you can generate 100%-compliant DVD commands from your desktop.

All research efforts have been done for you and summarized in an easy-to-read format. This is the only ebook of its kind so save yourself a lot of time and resources searching. You cannot get similar high-quality information anywhere else at this price.

 This ebook is presented with many graphical illustrations to help you master the concepts of DVD structures and how the virtual commands work in a very short time.

Save time, money, and make the most out of your favorite authoring software such as Scenarist, DVD-Lab Pro, Adobe Encore, etc. You can now own the as seen on this web site with the same friendly interface and a lot more features in a small and fast desktop package for your PC. And best of all, this tool works with all Windows version and does not require installation.

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The Unofficial DVD Specifications Guide might just be the very thing you need to add into your inventory! Of course, there are other things you might consider as well -- such as Home Security & Security Systems for your home or business. There's various systems to select from, including Digital Video Recording equipment that plugs directly into your personal computer.
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