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Due to advanced compression technology of DivX movies, a typical 2-hour DVD movie can be stored in less than 700 megabytes (the size of a typical CD) without noticeable loss of visual and audio quality. With broadband connections are more available and popular, it is estimated that over 3 billion movie and music files were downloaded during the month of August 2004. Since it is possible to transfer any type of file, any user with a broadband connection can download movies, music, games, software or just about anything which can be stored in a computer file.

There are several tools, such as WinMX, was developed for this purpose. WinMX is a file sharing tool which helps you access to a vast network of Internet peer-to-peer users. You can start downloading your favorite DivX movies, MP3 music, games, and software today. It is so easy anyone can do it while remaining completely anonymous!

Then locate the file-sharing installation program WinMX version 3.53 (winmx353.exe) and double click to launch it. The installation process is straightforward. Just follow the program instructions to install WinMX on your computer.

This on-line guide helps you to get started with this tool quickly and provides useful downloading tips to help you get the movies or music files you want.

Quick Start
After WinMX is successfully installed, launch it from the Start Menu or your desktop icon. WinMX displays the following screen during start up to search for available network connections. The connection status box blinks with a yellow cursor while the search is being performed. Depending upon your connection speed, this process may take from several seconds to a minute. Broadband connections such as cable or DSL take only a second or two to find the peer-to-peer network connections.

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