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This page helps you create a realistic fire effect. The fire generation technique is based on the hue-saturation-luminosity color model. Multiple random blur filters are applied to the base color area to create many variations of realistic fire and flame patterns.

There are many parameters you can define to customize the look and feel of the flames of your fire. From the basic width and height of the fire to the flame strength, density, hue, and soft focus pattern. You can also leave all parameters at their default values and generate the fire effect animation with just one click.

All demo fire effects are designed at 240 by 80 pixels. This effect is processor intensive so for large fire image, it is recommended that you create the fire at smaller resolution and let the Flash player scale up the image. You can specify higher frame rate for smoother animation of the fire effect. The Linux-based ActionScripting engine behind this page generates the graphic file in industry standard Flash swf format that is supported by most modern browsers, and is compatible to all Flash player versions.

of different fire effect settings. These samples illustrate how to use the parameters correctly to configure your fire and flame effect. You can then generate the fire effect quickly from many predefined settings before applying your minor adjustments.

The parameters are self-explanatory. If you do not understand its meaning, change its value and see how it affects the fire and flame animation. The final Flash file is generated including appropriate HTML codes with just one click. You do not need to know Flash or program its scripting language. You do not have to use any traditional desktop Flash tools to create this effect.

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The following Flash image demonstrates this fire effect. of many possible variations by changing some simple parameters.

1. Width of image   
(default 200 pixels)

2. Height of image   
(default 200 pixels)

3. Use this fire color
Background color

4. Blur filter width   
(default 4, recommended 2,4,8)
5. Blur filter height   
(default 16, recommended 2,4,8,16,32)

6. Horizontal density   
(default 4, recommended 1 to 16)
7. White volume   
(default 32, recommended 4 to 32)

8. Hue increment   
(default 3, recommended 1,2,3)
9. Luminosity increment   
(default 2, recommended 1,2,3)

10. Flame width   
(default 100% of width)
11. Vertical white   
(default 4, recommended 4 to 8)

12. Frame rate   
(default 12 frames/sec)
13. Vertical offset   
(default 0 pixels)

14. URL of this image (up to 255 characters or leave blank)

15. URL target:   
The generated Flash swf file will be automatically removed from the server in approximately one hour. Right click on the apppropriate link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." to download the Flash or HTML file to your computer.

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